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Stage 1

Select your meal plan.

Stage 2

Now, the most important part. Selecting your healthy homemade nutritious meals

Choose from a create your own meal. Which is one of each: protein, carb, green and a sauce. (If you don’t want one of the options there is a NO option). Or, alternatively, choose a meal from our carefully selected set menu. Fancy abit of both? Mix it up.  

Stage 3

Review, send to checkout and select whether you need collection or delivery. 

There are three choices:

Option 1: Monday- Thursday Collections

Option 2: Thursday - Monday Collections

Option 3: Collect ALL meals in one pick-up (Note: Two days worth of meals will need to be frozen down)

Download our printable order form if you wish to order in store Here

If you require any further assistance please don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly team members on 01744302170